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By 25 days of profile reading, I think you mean 2 days of writing a scraper and 10 days of tuning it? The rest being spent letting it run, reading hacker news, reddit, and your friends' facebook updates.

Facebook doesn't let any random bot crawl Facebook with scrapers. If you go to:


it says:

# Notice: if you would like to crawl Facebook you can

# contact us here: http://www.facebook.com/apps/site_scraping_tos.php

# to apply for white listing. Our general terms are available

# at http://www.facebook.com/apps/site_scraping_tos_terms.php

(Then there's a bunch of "Disallow:" statements for Baidu, Google, etc.)

If you follow the link, you can apply to Facebook for permission to do "automated data collection." Even if you do get permission, Facebook is very restrictive with what you're allowed to do with the scraped data.

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