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"Is Graph Search really that shocking to you--to anyone on HN?"

Are serial killers who actually kill people really shocking to people? Well, the answer to that question depends a lot on how much you let its framing determine your thinking, right?

Sure, I too, personally, don't share anything personally identifying on FB, in violation of FB and G+'s TOS BTW. But all those naive people, they walked through the door, they didn't see the samurai behind the door and pow, what do they expect? They won't be play in the Seven Samurai now. Why should we Samurai give a heck about them morons? Well, there are some reasons, starting with the fact that we have personal relations, with non-Samurai.


"Again we are defeated," Kambei muses. "The winners are those farmers. Not us."

Are serial killers who actually kill people really shocking to people?

Yes, universally so. Because they kill people and murder is a Bad Thing.

Social networks that index information produced willingly by members aren't in the same country as your analogy.

Except that in Iran, you get hung for being gay. It's not a huge stretch to see what this search is implying

> “Islamic men interested in men who live in Tehran, Iran“… “Places where they’ve worked.”


The thing is, the results in that screenshot don't necessarily mean gay.

Interested in might mean I'm interested in networking or meeting new people, being male or female. Interested in doesn't necessarily mean I'm interested in sticking my penis in *.

Also, all people in that screenshot are also interested in females.

We've heard plenty of stories of false accusations in order to settle old family scores.

"Interested in men" does not necessarily mean in a homosexual way, but it can be twisted to look that way.

I accept what I'm implying is a stretch, but I'm not 100% comfortable with Graph Search either.

What should Facebook do?

Censor itself in Iran?

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