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I see this as similar to those shady websites that scrape for personal information, then aggregate them. Not the shadiness, but the same principle of gathering information that has already been available, but now simply exposing it in one neat package. And it's very frightening. Can you imagine in a few years where scrapers can take this kind of logic and build databases of people's "online footprints" based on aliases they have used in the past by searching for references to emails they registered with, or mentioned in comments? Add textual analysis of their comments, and all bets are off.

Those "online footprint" type of websites already exist, and they're very popular with due diligence firms.

Do they actually go as far as log aliases and pseudonyms? People often reuse screen names more than they do passwords.

yes, that was exposed a couple of weeks ago. I cannot remember any searchable terms from the post or I would link.

No, as far as I can recall.

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