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As you've framed it, it's a loaded question that assumes the author is a moron who somehow expects a half-assed port to produce equal returns. Reasonable people can presume he has an idea of the quality of his own Android app and managed his expectations accordingly and yet he was disappointed. This is not a new story nor does is contradict the vast majority of data points we have.

You're exaggerating my position, but yes, I've seen quite a few cases where developers have produced an Android app late and/or as an afterthought and, surprise, it hasn't done as well as the iOS version.

Here's one from 6 days ago: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5066305

I was curious about it for a bunch of reasons.

I'm curious if there's a high order pattern for apps that make more on ios than android and vice versa.

I'm curious if as much promotion went into the android app as the ios app.

I'm always interested in finding new quality android apps, and I enjoy promoting ones that I'm particularly happy with.

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