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"...have been pulled from the Apple App Store due to concerns about nude photos."

The horror. It's a blessing the web came along before app stores became trendy. Now at least there's a huge vibrant world outside the walled gardens.

> "...have been pulled from the Apple App Store due to concerns about nude photos."

Thank god the first-person shooter games are allowed to continue unhindered. We certainly don't want to jeopardize the future of our children by inculcating wrong behaviors.

Well, you can compare outcry that happens every time some violent movie is shown on TV compared to outcry that happened after J. Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction".

I think this kind of attitude is stupid, but that's the problem with society, not the Apple.

The sad part is that most parents won't bat an eye while Junior guns down his opponents, but they would be up in arms at the sight of a nipple.

That strongly depends on the country. In the USA, probably. Here in europe there is no problem showing naked breasts in the evening news, when relevant. However, the US finds mild nudity the most offensive thing ever. Back on topic: unfortunately Apple applies its US based rules on all content worldwide: I know an app by a huge broadcaster that got rejected based on nudity in an item on, I think, breast cancer. Which is no problem here at al, to show on national TV.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was done after some parent complained.

keep in mind that on a closed platform you need an approved app to access the web. If a closed platform like iOS would reach a dominant market share then the web would be an easy target (and a natural competitor)

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