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That page does not degrade. Visiting it with JS disabled displays a page with a modal popover that cannot be closed.


don't disable js if you want to use the www. It's not worth web developer's time catering to people like you.

if I take out my car's engine it takes me forever to get anywhere, but is that Honda's problem?

It's interesting on a forum of hackers who are busy creating the next biggest thing and pushing the web to its very limits with the latest technology, other people here spend their time complaining that when you take away these technologies and the scripts that enable them, the sites are no longer functional. When I uninstall Ruby from my server my apps stop working, but I understand that's a consequence of writing a website that relies on Ruby.

Replicating JS functionality in HTML so it will degrade properly is a pointless exercise when literally every browser that any sane person would seriously be using comes with Javascript enabled. If a user wants to break a website, for themselves, go for it, but stop complaining to the developers because of a problem you caused for yourself.

What a strange thing to say. Why do you think degradability is a concept?

Is this some technical meaning of "concept"? A thing is a concept if we can conceive it in our minds. I can think about the idea of degradability, so it's a concept.

You know what I mean.

I don't. Seriously. If I had to guess, I'd guess it was some new name for an old thing in whatever programming notation is hip with the kids now. Most things around here like this turn out to be new names for old things.

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