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Maybe I just think about things backwards, but why do none of these packages support task dependencies (not subtasks). It seems that the logical precursor to "what is important" is "what is available". Instead we have daily scrums and bi-weekly planning sessions and people doing all sorts of query-fu just to figure this out. I'd like a system where I can:

  a) Dump my tasks
  b) Have it give me a good guess at the most important task, at which point I can:
  - Do it
  - Say it's not important
  - Say it's blocked by another task (and which task that is)
  - Punt it to someone else.
  - Snooze it until date X.
  c) Repeat.
I could always go in an do normal task/project management stuff but most of the time I just want to filter the right 8 hours of tasks out of the 800 hours of candidates.

We've only launched Task Messenger but I like the sound of auto ranking tasks, something to go on my 'to-do' list. You could always give us a go. We're building a to-do list for teams.

What criteria would you use for ranking tasks by importance?

Probably a few factors:

  1. How important I say it is.
  2. How important the tasks it is blocking are.
  3. How close to the due date it is.

Thanks. What do you currently use?

A rotating mishmash of text files, spreadsheets, google docs, scrap paper and a notebook. For professional engagements I've lately used pivotal tracker, github issues, basecamp, and jira.

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