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I feel you. I ended up going with Salesforce's $5/mo contact manager edition and just stripping all the tabs and modules on the contact pages so it's super-simplified.

Now all my personal contacts are managed in Salesforce which is super robust and powerful. I love sorting them by "Last Activity" to see who I haven't spoken with in a while and working my way through the list that way.

(I was able to negotiate a discounted rate of $2/mo when I talked to one of their account execs too. I bet that's still an option...)

Can you add pictures as part of the description of the person? Not a profile picture of the person but photos that could be part of what you want to remember from the interaction with that person.

Interesting, no unftly not that I know of. Maybe if you went with one of the more advanced packages. The Contact Manager edition is pretty limited.

You can pull profile photos of theirs from Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook though. But obviously those images aren't yours to choose.

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