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I did. The biggest problem for me was the lack of email reminders.

Thanks Jim. So would you use a spreadsheet app if it had email reminders?

Would you drive a car if it had a mini-fridge?

I like how you started a user interview on the spot, but that question doesn't seem to have any purpose.

Heh, if I told you my biggest problem with cars was the lack of a mini-fridge, and you offered me one with a mini-fridge, yes I'd like one thanks.

A car with a mini-fridge would probably do quite well for anyone who takes roadtrips or frequently goes grocery shopping.

Maybe what you actually want is a mobile home, a larger fridge at home, limit travel to the winter, a shorter trip - or not needing a car at all, take the train instead.

Probably not. It was the biggest issue but definitely not the only major limitation I experienced with it.

Thanks. What other limitations did you face? And what do you use now instead?

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