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Maybe you don't care about mentoring young people

I carefully crafted my reply and for you to mistakenly read that into it made me go back and re-read my reply. I don't see where you get that I say that I "don't care about mentoring young people". Please take the time to point out where/what part I seem to imply that I don't care about mentoring young people. Actually, hell, I'll make it easier for you: point out where I state my opinion about what I prefer at all.

Please - before you misquote, misunderstand, and then slag someone, take the time to re-read what they've written. Maybe it's your reading comprehension that was the problem rather than their post.

And besides, "there are certainly many, many people who care a lot about" (insert anything ever here). There always has been and always will be. Stating the obvious doesn't really help here.

The part that got me to think that was when you said:

> I don't care one whit about 'getting young people into science and technology

Sorry if I misunderstood, and maybe we're just arguing between "mentoring" and "getting young people into tech," but I was referring to your sentiment as opposed to some exact wording.

I think you need to check your ego and re-read what I wrote without an outside bias. Maybe English isn't your first language and that's causing some block for you - I don't know. But to yet again quote me out of context just highlights how poor your reading comprehension is for a second time.

Protip: I'm not a 33yo dad who wants to start a business.

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