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India developing national cybersecurity architecture (zdnet.com)
10 points by ajhai 1497 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

Hopefully they don't try to sneak some censorship/surveillance infrastructure in there, too, but I'm not too optimistic about it.

actually, I'm afraid that they are so outward towards telling the world in telling what hardware they have, I believe that another stuxnet type malware is inbound. (sarcasm)

Step 1: website of govt of India (http://india.gov.in/#panel1-5)

Step 2: front page flash: National Data Center ( http://india.gov.in/spotlight/inauguration-national-data-cen...)

Step 3: Browse down the page, to the line: "To get more information about the new Data Centre please click here" >> click here >> IDC NIC HQ

Step 4: browse to infrastructure link: http://idc.nic.in/infra.htm

Step 5: Target a hardware, and release a malware into the wild

Tango Down, Game Over :/

Common Seriously?

I'm just wondering if they have any network security equipment at all, or have they been smart enough remove at least something from the list.

Check also all the forms they have available at http://idc.nic.in/services.htm I guess filled forms and some social engineering would go long way.


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