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I somewhat disagree that this is "no worse than all the upsells people have to click through to register domains on GoDaddy"

Although admittedly I have no idea what GoDaddy's checkout procedure is like since I have honestly never used it, maybe it is especially terrible in which case that is not a glowing reflection on this software..

However, thinking of less technical users here.

When you are in the mode to buy something , you are probably prepared for an upsell at some point and know what to look out for.

When installing something on your computer, a less savvy user is likely not knowledgeable enough to understand the implications of something extra being installed on their computer with often full administrative privileges.

They are also unlikely to understand the difference between an extra system component that must be installed for technical reasons (.Net, DirectX etc) and some third party software that is completely separate and not required.

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