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Well... I would like to disagree on your opinion about cleaning up prostitution. Over here in the Netherlands it seems to work just fine. If person A pays person B for doing intimate stuff that doesn't really harm anyone.

Yeah, it was an analogy that did not work and would lead off-topic here. Some people can willfully sell their body, while others have no choice (lack of education, drug addiction), it's those ones I am worried the most about.


I think we agree?

Probably not, since I've never seen clean prostitution (or participated in any), I don't feel experienced enough to make a statement either way, I'll admit to that. Since it is not legal here, most of the people getting into it are either being abused/exploited/drug-addicted.

I'm generally under the thought that person B is always being exploited in some way or another, but there are always other cases out there.

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