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InstallMonetizer will tank if they relied on opt-in, but will make bank if they rely on opt-out.

Just like the US Postal Service if direct mailing was opt-in instead of opt-out. What's your point?

The USPS is a public service. The public service is subsidized via direct mailings. If everyone opted out of direct mailings(or if direct mailings were opt-in), the USPS would continue to operate, only they would either charge much more to deliver posts, or they would be granted more subsidies from the taxpayers.

The point is that post is providing opt-out value for their users. Install bundlers are providing opt-out things their end-users don't want or wouldn't want if they understood what's going on.

Can you clarify what you mean?

Please disregard that comment. I misunderstood the meaning of "direct mail" (I'm not from US). I apologize.

Of course, the USPS is tanking anyway...

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