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This industry sounds dirty by nature, you can't 'clean up' spammers or prostitution either. Just because a pimp won't sell his girl to just any old John, doesn't make the whole act any better. It's people in the middle trying to make money off of someone else's hard work.

It is really simple, just don't attempt to trick users into installing stuff they didn't want to download in the first place (anything outside the bundle they chose to download). Additional steps on install only take away from the user experience and taint the experience of the application you are wrapping.

To be fair, I don't think the prostitution analogy holds too well here. At least a prostitute is providing a service that there is legitimate demand for from the end user. You could also argue that one could "clean it up" by making it safer and better regulated.

A more apt analogy might be drug dealers subsidising medication by cutting it with heroin.

> To be fair, I don't think the prostitution analogy holds too well here.

I agree. That's why I often tell people that I have higher regard for prostitution than for telemarketing - the former at least provide value in response to a genuine need (whether we feel it's beneficial for society or not). Telemarketers however, just like install bundlers, actively try to exploit people.

Yeah, it was a stretch, your analogy is far better.

Well... I would like to disagree on your opinion about cleaning up prostitution. Over here in the Netherlands it seems to work just fine. If person A pays person B for doing intimate stuff that doesn't really harm anyone.

Yeah, it was an analogy that did not work and would lead off-topic here. Some people can willfully sell their body, while others have no choice (lack of education, drug addiction), it's those ones I am worried the most about.


I think we agree?

Probably not, since I've never seen clean prostitution (or participated in any), I don't feel experienced enough to make a statement either way, I'll admit to that. Since it is not legal here, most of the people getting into it are either being abused/exploited/drug-addicted.

I'm generally under the thought that person B is always being exploited in some way or another, but there are always other cases out there.

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