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InstallMonetizer can't in good conscience offer Babylon translation satanware.

Or, to put it another way, if they care one ioda about the enduser experience and staying in business, they should not add Babylon software to their bundle.

Babylon is diabolically hard to uninstall. Even after following instructions found on a number of websites, trying different malware removers and doing about:config on Mozilla, it still keeps propagating - EVEN NOW, months later.

I dare someone to install the Babylon software on their main PC and then try to remove it. Go ahead, follow instructions you find on the Internet. Good luck, you'll need it.

It's an ugly, ugly piece of work.

I was able to totally remove Babylon from my system after installing it through an IM ad unit.

I can't speak for installs from other sources, because I hear what you say is true. But I saw with my own eyes that it didn't happen with IM.

Garry, you've spoken up a lot here to defend IM, and that's fine, they probably need defending. However, it would've been nice to disclose in this thread that you're a YC partner.

I know, it's in your profile, and easy to find, as I did. But I'm a newbie here, I don't know personalities, and your posts made it sound like you're some Joe-User happy with IM's product, which isn't really the case.

Haha, that explains it. Thanks for pointing that out.

There are contrarians in every thread, but if there is one thing for certain besides death and taxes, it's the fact that nobody wants this garbage on their machines. It's the cancer of Windows. To see someone so adamantly defending it had me really confused.

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