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Confusing inept users into installing random toolbars[1] that break their browsers and force them to call IT pros to 'clean up' their computers is pretty scummy. Sorry, but it is.

You can make a lot of money doing all kinds of popular things -- pimping women, selling drugs, selling 'likes' on facebook, selling botnets that create fake clicks on advertisers, ponzi schemes, etc. Some are illegal, some are just barely legal, but they are all damaging to someone. This line of business is known as 'scummy' and InstallMonetizer is plain 'scummy'.

Simple fact, trying to rationalize it doesn't help.

[1] http://installmonetizer-review.blogspot.com/ " 3. Which type of bundled software does Install Monetizer include in your installation package? Most of the bundled software are toolbars, though the company is always changing which software are available. When I first started Install Monetizer they offered just two softwares. A toolbar called White Smoke and good old Real Player. Today they have about seven install packages available. However, only USA Search and Facebook Profile turned profitable."

I installed these things from an Install Monetizer install on my own computer. I uninstalled them. They were all completely uninstallable. None of them broke my browser.

IM actually screens out advertisers and publishers who break browsers, and they don't work with them.

Seems better to me. As another commenter mentioned, IM is trying to legitimize a space that's scummy, the way Google did for PPC.

So you're a YC partner defending this company. You also posted this in another thread, which was your own submission with a linkbait headline to your own blog, which was an obvious advertorial for Survata:

"Survata is a survey-wall -- meaning you have to answer a survey before you see a given article. They have about 20 publishers signed up, and they're all non-spammy content."

Survata is also YC funded.

FYI, all survey walls are "spammy content" and the data from them is garbage. Installer bundles are spammy content. This is all scummy. Please stop funding these types of companies. And please stop with the borderline meatpuppet posts and plugs.

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