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> Every IM install screen has a decline as well as an accept button

Well, could you provide a screenshot of that screen? Usually users are misled into thinking they are accepting the install of the software they actually downloaded.

> The apps that get installed are "crapware." This one seems a matter of opinion.

Yeah... I don't think very highly of your opinion if you really think like that. Making someones computer slower or less usable by installing "unwanted software" is something that should be forbidden in my opinion. Really, do you have any idea how much hours of my life were lost by removing crapware from computers?

I did check the ycombinator.com website for any indication if the type of company or product was of any concern. I did not find anything about that. This probably means ycombinator is actually just interested in the money and not in making the world a better place. Silly idealistic me...

Yes, I definitely think we need screenshots (too lazy to sign up and get them myself). There used to be a graphic on their website (gone now) that showed an offer looking like a decline/agree license page. Under it they claimed their text is optimized for conversions--in other words, getting people to click.

Edited: the graphic isn't visible on their pages, but still available on their servers; see GuessWhy's comment:

Also, if this company pitched a new product to the investors, and then used the funding, or at least the branding, to run their old product (especially one deemed spammy or scammy by a majority of HN readers), it sounds like this company has figured out how to game the angel investing game.

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