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Thanks for this explanation pg

This raises a question though: does this company make something that users want? When a user installs a specific program is he/she looking to install other software as well? Is the argument that InstallMonetizer bundles useful software that it feels will enhance the user's life in some way? (going off the adage that the consumer does not really know what they want i.e. they'd just ask for a faster horse)

In this case the users are the advertisers. Clicking on a decline button for other software they don't want (in the worst case) is for the end-users the price of getting software they do want.

That isn't the worst case. The Windows using victim* could install something accidentally by careless clicking (the "Yes,Yes, Yes" Windows installer process).

I recognise you are treading a fine line between defending a company you feel a duty to and practices and business model that you probably wouldn't select for Y-Combinator on the publicly visible business model. I hope they pivot to a less controversial model and leave you in a more comfortable place.

* You are right that the users are the advertisers but that must make the person running the installer the victim or at best the product.

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