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Functions as first-class values, lexically-scoped closures, map, curry...objects, methods, classes & class inheritance...immutable objects that can have their pointers optimized-away by the compiler.

This sounds ahead of its day for a language intended for industry.

And multimethods ... but no protocols/interfaces sadly.

But it is enjoyable to write. :) There's a reason that I wanted to let it live again so much that I pour days of my time into it.

There's the forward-iteration protocol... ;-)

It was way ahead of its day.

I remember when we got the first development environment for the Newton. The whole thing was written in Common Lisp and ran on a Mac Quadra.

Pretty sure if they were to add a whitespace sensitive syntax ala python/coffeescript and get it compiling to js they'd be riding to victory. From what I can tell there is actually a project https://github.com/turbolent/ralph to bring dylan to the web.

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