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SoundCloud without the stupid CSS files (grobie.github.com)
75 points by paulosman on Jan 21, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 25 comments

Created by two SoundCloud engineers over the weekend at Music Hack Day Stockholm. https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/music-hack-day-stock...

Nice to finally have something going the other direction; The recent SoundCloud redesign is a usability nightmare.

> SoundCloud: Mind if we keep playing music after this song with no indicator of how to stop it or setting to prevent it from happening? Too bad!

I admit that the behavior is quite odd at first, but once you get used to it, it is really useful. It is the behavior you would expect in a desktop app — for example, you wouldn’t want iTunes to stop playing when you select a playlist, would you?

Yes, that would be expected if I selected a playlist. Unfortunately, if I link you directly to a single song, and you click play, SoundCloud decides you came wanting to hear music for as long as the tab is open.

All of this ignores the fact there's no way (that I've found, and no, I'm not signing up) to disable 'automatic playlist' behavior. Worse than that, there's no obvious way to just STOP the second track without navigating away.

Hell, the only indicator that a second song is even playing, other than my seething rage, is the 50px wide audio visualization tucked away in the top bar.

He's not talking about playing a playlist. Usually, users create and manage playlists. Are you familiar?

I was using iTunes playlists as an example that switching to different parts of the UI does not interrupt playback.

But was the OP talking about that? It sounded like he was complaining that music continued to play from somewhere after the one song was linked to finished.

I had the same issue until I discovered you can pause playback with spacebar. I agree that the lack of an indication for pause/play is a serious oversight.

That being said I prefer the new design over the old.

Agreed, the new design is better but the autoplay feature is frankly baffling - doubly so when you consider the lack of curation/low quality/irrelevance of 'related' tracks.

Great, I use debian, and the version of gnash I have (0.8.11~git.master21579-20120430-none) won't stream from soundcloud or e.g. rephlex. However gnash isn't so broken that it can't stream audio. For example the flash streamer on www.zippyshare.com works fine with gnash. I will give this command line tool a bash. At the moment am limited to downloading from soundcloud by this.

Cool to hear that there are real use cases for this hack. We currently depend on Apple's CoreAudio library, but we have some plans to switch to a more generic solution to support Debian/linux as well.

sick app bro i look cool sitting at my desk at work

Thanks for open sourcing this. Could you please add your license details to the project, as I'm pretty keen to build a podcast player from it (assuming certain permissive licenses).

Sounds cool. I just added the License (MIT).


Excited to use this, but I don't have installation instructions...

Cool :) Please have a look at the README (https://github.com/grobie/soundcloud2000#installation).

And keep in mind that this is a hack version and still in alpha status. We'll add more features during the next days, including the ability to listen to something else than the hardcoded track list of Four Tet.

Awesome! Thanks for adding instructions.

You could do much worse than a hardcoded Four Tet tracklist, but I'm looking forward to listening to other stuff. :)

My 'favorite' part of the SC redesign is how I can't scroll downward ... only the top of the page is visible. I've run across no other page on the web like that. Digg it.

Reminiscent of something we made for SeatGeek: https://github.com/seatgeek/sgcli

Is there a build for this that doesn't require CoreAudio?

I would love to run this on Linux - yet one more thing I can do straight from my terminal.

We're currently working on replacing CoreAudio with portaudio. Stay tuned!

haha, a terminal emulator that only works on an OS for people who hate terminals, known for its stylistic graphics appeal. Great job, irony driving hipsters!

I absolutely love the terminal in OSX and I'd guess that the majority of mac-using developers probably do too.

While the way you express yourself is a bit... silly, I do agree with the idea behind your statement.

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