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I believe the blocking is directly related to an automated train ticket polling plugin that had brought down Github just days ago. Due to upcoming Chinese New Year, newly released train tickets are sold within minutes. That plugin introduces huge traffic to already crumbling ticket vending site, and it has obviously made railroad bureau angry. Blocking Github makes that plugin immediately malfunction because it makes reference to javascript files hosted on Github pages. The bureau has also paid a visit to the plugin's author, for the purpose of intimidation perhaps.

Do you have a link to a news article or something that explains all this?

Tech in Asia has an English summary & commentary about the train ticket plugins ban:


Indeed there seems to be one plugin which hotlinks a js file from Github: http://www.ce.cn/cysc/tech/07hlw/guonei/201301/21/t20130121_...

But of course, blocking Github didn't affect any of the other plugins. So Phoenix TV is reporting that most other plugins are still actually working:


ccp0202 is absolutely correct. seems that no american media or organization know what the heck this is for yet. but you can check out some chinese sources.

Doesn't GitHub ban people who hotlink to assets? I remember reading this somewhere.

People host their blogs on Github nowadays

I know, but hosting only your assets there is frowned upon. I think I saw that on a tech talk about GitHub.

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