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I'm not sure how any developer survives in China without a VPN, so this is probably one of the least vulnerable groups.

On the other hand, any deployment strategies that depend on github are going to be hosed.

I no longer live in China. Internet issues are a bit reason for that.

Yeah, as a permanently-travelling techie, China is a no-go area for me. Their internet policies, the treatment I once received at an embassy of theirs applying for an innocent tourist visa for less than 2 weeks (just to check out the place really), and their pollution levels in urban areas were 3 big enough issues combined for me to conclude -- I can skip that place probably for another decade at least.

For folks who are into Chinese culture or language, there's always way saner (in all 3 respects) places (and arguably equally beautiful if you're into the nature twist of things) such as Taiwan, Singapore, urban parts of Malaysia, heck Macau or Hong Kong if need be.

Folks who're stuck there for career reasons -- don't envy them. Folks who stay there voluntarily -- it boggles my mind, but different strokes I guess.


There are tools that make it easy to work disconnected. Ruby On Rails is one, because of its one-stop-shop nature and its easy-to-download docs.


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