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This may be a confusion of terminology - I've always thought "Middle America" referred to middle-class, suburban America, as opposed to the Midwest in specific. If I've misused the word, my bad.

I grew up on various derivations of Wonder Bread on the West Coast, FWIW.

I've lived in a bunch of different places, and invariably good bread was only to be found in relatively wealthy areas. I suspect though, sanity in baking returns once you get rural enough.

My misunderstanding I suppose :)


The bread gets better because when all you can afford is the materials to make bread and your time is cheap, it becomes worthwhile to optimize that process. (Sie poor)

If you don't have the surplus value to allocate to making bread, but your time is still too "valuable" to allocate towards making better bread, you eat crap bread. (Middle America)

If you have surplus value to slosh around, then fuck it. (Rich peeps)

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