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Very much so. I moved my family to the outskirts of Chicagoland so we'd be really close to my kids grandma. Great choice. Even though I technically can commute into Chicago everyday, the 1:15 trip can wear me down.

So even though I'm in "Chicago" I still care for a job that allows remote work. It's a quality of life issue.

I would never move to California. It just won't happen, my family is more important than working for some company that has no interest in working asynchronously.

In addition. I know that a company that has the infrastructure to support remote work, will have the infrastructure to support different hours. Most developer around here are early 20s, single, and can wake up at 9, roll into work at 10, and come home at 6.

I'm up at 6 every morning with my kid. If I get inspiration, I don't want to be held up by a restrictive process.

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