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Maybe I'm an outlier, but as someone from Alabama, I'm more inclined to click on job postings from sunny California.

Just clicking on Careers 2.0 shows me one job near Tuscaloosa AL for something that doesn't sound remotely interesting (obviously that's subjective). If that showed me stuff near Huntington Beach, San Francisco, or LA - I might be inclined to click on it. In fact, and this may be an unpopular opinion or maybe you're already doing this because I don't have an account on StackOverflow, but have you thought about matching jobs to most-common programming languages searched for info? I constantly search for Objective-C information but the only listings I see on my cursory click are for C#/ASP, HTML5/CSS3, Visual C++, PHP, Systems Software Dev Lead, and jQuery Master. This does come down to privacy but we gladly give Google that info, and I trust StackOverflow if all this would be for is getting me a better job in a field I'm actively seeking information in.

For me, I would take your algorithmic approach a step further. For known tech hubs / top 100 cities (at least in the US) your approach probably works wonders. For others, I would recommend feeding in geographic locations on the coasts out of the top 100 cities, radiating inward. Also I would add the programming language filter in as well.

Again, most of this is probably terrible from a privacy standpoint and you're probably already doing it by some means. But on cursory glance, these are the things that actually matter to me when job searching.

And I know this is only tangentially related to the point of your blog post haha.

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