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Pushing files is interesting, but addresses, notes, and lists are easily done already.

Pushing an address:

1. Search address on Google Maps

2. Open up Maps on Android

3. Click on "My Places" from dropdown menu

4. Swipe to Recent

Pushing notes:

1. Create notes in Google Drive

2. Open on Android

Pushing lists:

1. Create list in Google Drive

2. Open on Android

Pushing websites:

1. Open website on laptop in Chrome

2. Open Chrome browser on Android

3. Select the "Other Devices" tab

4. Open website

I suppose you could push files via Drive as well.

Pretty cool though; I may give it a try.

I agree there are easy ways to do most of PushBullet's functionality through other means but I think there is a lot of power in not just actually getting the list on your phone with Google Drive, but actively pushing it into your notifications.

Glad to hear you'll give it a try :)

Downloading it as I speak.

Not everyone knows how to push using those apps and I hope this makes life simple. :)

And I might sound too demanding but a small icon on my Mac's menu bar will surely be handy.

Pushing an address is even easier than that (if you're on 4.1+). Search for a place in Maps, and a minute later Google Now will have that place listed.

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