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OS X users, I advise using

    brew install rlwrap
instead of downloading the tarball in the link. You may feel tempted to download a tarball and compile readline. But I experienced the problem mentioned in rlwrap-0.37/BUGS:

    49-On recent OS X sytems, libreadline is not the real thing, but a
    50-non-GNU replacement. If the linker complains about missing
    51:symbols, install GNU readline and try again.
This may then lead you to attempt compiling and installing GNU readline, which will ultimately lead you to try to solve more problems you're having in compiling readline. You might find this fun. But if you just want to get things over with, there is an easier way. Homebrew[1] to the rescue:

    brew install rlwrap
Perhaps this is just obvious to others. Would've saved me a few minutes to hear this, though.

[1]: http://mxcl.github.com/homebrew/

I definitely think a package manager is better than manual installation. That's why I said this:

> Simply install rlwrap via your operating system’s package manager (or manually)

But I'll add an update that mentions the bug on OSX. Thanks for the feedback.

Ah, you're right. Sorry for implying you didn't mention this. I overlooked that--just went to the rlwrap page and got caught up in what I was doing.

No worries at all. Any feedback is good - and I added a clarification to make it's clearer now.

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