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Doesn't work for me. Latched to my email and shows my phone on the dashboard, but when I try to push something nothing appears on the phone. I've tried pushing the sync button too. Is it US only? Or does it need wifi on the computer?

I did see in the logs that someone's Google account wasn't playing nicely. I should be passing along error messages better, hah. If you wanted to message me the Google account you signed up with, I'll look into it.

Yeah got it. Two factor authentication. That will kill it stone dead, won't it?

I bet your right. Too funny, you'll never think of everything you should test, right? :)

Heh, ain't that the truth. :)

[Update: I apologize greatly. Both my test pushes just arrived perfectly in my notifications bar. Nice!!! ]

Glad to hear they made it though the pipes!

Now I'd like the opportunity to edit the text notes I push, so I can copy paste into other apps maybe?

For sure, the ability to edit what you've pushed is something I'll be working on very soon. Right now it seems like Chrome extension would be a good next project as well...

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