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How does this differ from the Chrome to Phone plugin?

Just installed it. It's not a about pushing specific urls, but instead you push specific predefined data types. The ones available right now are "Note", "Address", "List", "File". Pushing is done by visiting the site at this time, though I can imaging a browser extension is in the works.

Personally, I don't think I'll use it - I use dropbox when I want to sync a file with my phone, Evernote for notes and lists, and just Chrome to Phone for addresses (via google maps) or urls.

I'm glad that it's not just through extensions, that was the major thing I didn't like about Chrome to Phone (since sometimes I use public computers).

Chrome to Phone has had a big influence on PushBullet. The convenience of things being placed in your notifications is huge but Chrome to Phone hasn't pushed past being all about web stuff.

I want to be able to put my own notes, lists, etc on my phone, not just webpages and links. And files too, of course.

Simply, PushBullet will be a superset of Chrome to Phone.

That's a great addition.

A big annoyance of mine with CtP is it's one-way, I can't send links to a browser. Would it be possible to PushBullet a file/link back to a browser? Maybe the last browser that pushed to the phone?

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