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OP here. I see the changes as goofy and sloppy, likely indicative of a larger "our company has no idea what we're doing" problem...

They don't even encrypt passwords, so God help those advertisers/publishers whose information they store...

(HN Geek Corner: curl "hxxp://www.haycfld.us/htmlscreens/OfferScreen_[1-1000].zip" -o "OfferScreen_#1.zip" -f

This will pull down all the bundles they offer. Interestingly, you'll find they only have 42 current advertisers... and not Norton/others listed on the site. So add liars to the list of words to describe this company.)

These are worth looking at. The majority of these "Offer Screens" don't look anything like offers, and look everything like license agreements - you know, those walls of text that no-one reads and everyone clicks "Accept" on. There's a 2010 video of the install process here, jump to 3:06min on the NSIS video.

5 of the 42 Offer Screens are duplicates / same company, so I only count 37 advertisers. That's assuming this is the entirety of the offers available.

At least one of the offers "allows you to find retailers... by inserting contextual links on websites you are browsing". Another says "In order to keep software free, you will be served advertising through in-text and pop-up ads in your browser, they are targeted and relevant."

I'd love to know why this was funded.

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