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In addition to the (relatively freakish) second UI, there are a bunch of minor-but-welcome enhancements that I keep stumbling across. For instance, I right clicked an .iso, and the default OS can finally mount it. Double click a PDF file -- wow! I can see the contents without installing anything.

Several little things like this, that have previously made using Windows so much more painful than OS X, are addressed in Windows 8. I haven't really seen any major improvements over Windows 7, but minor improvements still can make life nicer.

EDIT: Oh yeah, the desktop pictures! For so many years MS exhibited horrible taste, by default slopping a huge, ugly Windows ad all over the user's desktop (Win 7). In XP, they had that crappy picture of a field near the Microsoft campus that some random employee shot. In Windows 8, I get a steady rotation of beautiful, professionally done photographs that rotate periodically, and really blow away the (previously bar-setting) default desktop pics that Apple ships. Not that desktop pics are a huge deal, but again it is one less thing I have to change about the default installation (can't stand looking at the ugly Windows ad from Win 7).

EDIT: oops, that wasn't actually an edit...

Crappy or not, this is surely one of the world most known photographs ever taken.

If only there was a Windows 7 Plus version or something, with all these minor improvements and no metro.

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