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OK, I'm not really sure you understand CSS and blogs. Blog posts tend to be self-contained documents where the styles have to be inline, because each post might have completely different formatting, and is often generated by a WYSIWYG tool. It's not a problem, it's just how blogs usually work.

And yeah, the !important should be working. I've never used Stylish, but something's clearly broken -- in any case, your beef should be with Stylish or your browser, not with the author/developer of the blog. If you stick to a user stylesheet in your browser it should be guaranteed to work -- after all, that's the whole point of them, so that people with visual disabilities can override default styling.

So, I don't really get what the problem is. Inline styles are an integral part of the web (and are particularly, and correctly, suited to blog posts), and user stylesheets generally allow you to override them, so you can use dyslexic fonts if you choose.

Oh man. You could've at least checked the YouTube video before venturing into accusations of incompetence. I mean, what the BALLS, dude? I'm supposed to keep my cool in communities like this? What is this baseless and graceless intellectual bravado? And I'm the bad guy because I use an intimate style and diction... Eesh, what I've been responding to in this thread, with this particular user, I think it is absolutely fair to say, has just been careless hubris. After I respond with, roughly: mitigating "div-itis and non-semantic classes" he rails me with "I don't think you know what X and Y are". He might as well have added "bro." Again, [BALLS](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C8GWIV4jzA).

You haven't even tested it, nor do you even really know what Stylish is, it seems, and you're arguing with conviction.

What am I doing here?

Good question.

Clannish, exclusive, cliquish, myopic.

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep my distance then.

None of what is said in your post is factually correct.

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