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Would a milestone release checklist be useful?
1 point by mskierkowski 1621 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite
I'm considering building an OS app so you can manage a checklist for things to do before a milestone release. When ready, it will automatically import them into GH issues. Would this be useful for you?

This would be crazy useful -- if I used iOS. ;) Why not a webapp (aside from the obvious reasons). A responsive UI that does the same with a nice jQuery twist would be workable on most webkit browsers and would work on Android, iOS, and the new Blackberry 10.

Sounds good, no?

Yeah. By "OS" i mean "open-source" not "iOS". I was thinking it'd be a web app where you can manage multiple lists each one with categories and items. When you are ready to release you just select the repo and milestone from Github and it creates issues for each of the checkbox items.

Ahh, my mistake. (I assumed!) This is most certainly something that I, and many people I know would use! I'll look forward to it.

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