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I use Safari because in my experience Chrome is rather buggy on a Mac. Particularly with regard to Spaces. E.g., if I move a Chrome window to a different Space, all of my other Chrome windows will tag along for the ride. It makes using Chrome rather unbearable. Additionally, Safari's interface for managing bookmarks is much nicer.

I'm using firefox because of the same reason, google chrome is using a lot of memory on mac...

I use Chrome on a Mac with a half dozen spaces with multiple monitors and have never had problem moving between spaces. Out of curiosity are you using the release, beta or dev channel?

I just use the standard release of Chrome. I Googled about the problem several times and all I could find out is that some people experience this issue and others don't, and no cure was known. The problem did not go away via numerous upgrades of Chrome, so I eventually gave up.

Hrm, I use Spaces and Chrome with no problems. This isn't the case for everyone.

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