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jimktrains2 453 days ago | link | parent

I actually just wrote a post about being a new-luddite, to an extent: http://jimkeener.com/posts/luddite

ef4 452 days ago | link

You have some good examples there that I personally agree with.

But I think it's important to note that our economic value judgements are our own, and the fact that many of these products continue to be successful means that other people hold contrary subjective opinions about them.

A statement like:

> "LCD and LED displays everywhere is another use of technology where I feel that cost isn’t justified by the returns."

misses the point that the people bearing the cost clearly disagree, or they would stop doing it.

To the extent that we just share our judgements and try to convince other people to share them, it's all good. But real "luddites" go further and try to force their subjective economic judgements onto other people.


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