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nope, i am going to buy a copy before the price goes up and i thought others here might too. I assume MS would keep the price low for Win 8, but apparently not.

Upgrade business isn't really a big source of funds compared with pre-installs. This time Microsoft offered a cut-rate deal that it said (last October) would last until January 31.

I suspect that PC makers like Microsoft having a high retail price for Windows. It makes cheap laptops look better value.

The link you submitted goes straight to the Microsoft sales page. No news, no discussion. Just pure advertising.

If you are upgrading to Windows 8 then good for you. But the link you posted is just an advert.

If Raspberry Pi was increasing its price on a certain day then I don't think people would complain.

At least it's honest. Half the blog posts are just SEO for people in tech's businesses.

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