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> A time format without an offset is useless.

Not necessarily. The time might be "floating time", i.e., depends on some local context.

For example, the show starts at 10 pm 19 Jan 2012. You don't need the time zone because people going to the show know what 10 pm means locally.

Until your business grows and you're storing dates for shows in multiple timezones, or if you need to book shows and store dates in the future when DST may or may not be in the same state as when you store the date.

But this will still be useless anywhere else than "locally". The timezone just became implicit and lost.

Of course, if you add a timezone, you are likely in trouble when daylight savings time comes/goes. That is, shows don't change times just because you effectively changed timezones.

Depends on how you're storing the timezone. If you store it as "UTC+2 hrs", then yes you'll have a problem. If you store it as the tzdata "Europe/Sofia", then it'll take care of all the timezones.

I, of course, can not disagree. Just wanted to add to the voices that point out much in dealing with time in computers depends on your goal.

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