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Thank you! It was indeed a nice little fun exercise. It is interesting the bugs that I made by being tired and not reading the task carefully/not thinking clearly (yesterday was a bit of a long and stressy day):

1) My initial understanding was that I do need to reverse the order, yet somehow after re-reading the article I understood the order does not need to change, and the "reverse" in the name is some kind of jargon. This is quite stupid, and probably not worth mentioning, if only to prove I was tired :)

2) missing that the first iteration of the "business logic" code in my case happens before anything is filled in. Crash.

3) forgetting about the "\n"s - with rather funny "partially correct" output effect.

Very much looking forward to see your code !

Hey Andrew,

Ok, I looked at your code. What you really should do (before coding up the solution) is to look at the problem specification. Other than that I like the 'direct' approach, it isn't quite as fast as what I cooked up but yours is a lot shorter.

Thanks! yes, this goes to show the perils of coding after a 12h work day on Friday :-). This affected the use of fgets() I/O (I understood you have to call the line-buffered routines based on their description)

Enjoyed reading your code. Beautiful. Thanks!

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