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This is a nice little tool, however the problem I see with it is that if you learn how to use it, you'll be completely lost as soon as you move to a different computer. You'll basically always have to install it everywhere, but sometime that's not possible. It's much better to learn how to properly use git from the start. Also it's just not that hard to use, so I'm not sure it's useful to add another layer of abstraction.

I've heard the argument used against any editor that's not vi (and once against any editor that wasn't notepad), and against the use of source control it's self - "cvs won't be on every machine, it's better to just learn to use tarballs and patch files." (Not joking)

Most people as a normal part of their job can indeed install software on their development machines. And those that can't won't even be looking at new software projects - what would be the point?

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