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This project is all about workflow. The workflow provided by 'git sync' normally takes five commands:

$ git stash $ git fetch $ git merge origin/$current-branch $ git push origin $current-branch $ git unstash

It's actually slightly fancier than that, the push actually reduces merge commits but doesn't rewrite your merges. Same as GitHub for Mac.

Actually it's just $ git pull --rebase

If you do have local changes, then you would need to git stash/stash --pop before/after that command. I use rebase to keep down on unneeded merges for the common case of having exactly one upstream and not merging several branches together.

If you simplify like so, it is still push and pull. One less thing to type.

I'll never understand this subset of the development community who is obsessed with saving a few keystrokes. It almost invariably comes at the cost of flexibility, and creates a set of developers who only know the abstraction.

I'm looking at you, jQuery.

I think I prefer typing a few extra characters to have control of each step.

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