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What scenario are you concerned about?

I suppose if they squashed commits that weren't there's, then that's a problem of course. But just rebasing their own work between branches?

The real trouble I'd see for this mythical newbie is when they get in a situation that calls (correctly) for a force push. That would come-up if they fork an OSS repo, push some changes to their fork, then do a $ git pull --rebase from the OSS repo to bring in new changes.

When they go to push again to their fork, they will get an error that will require a force push. The force push will be fine because they are working alone, but it could cause an issue for a new git user.

But I'm a little unsure of what trouble you're afraid the maintainer would have.

This also assumes no one will fork or fetch from your fork of the OSS repo before you rebase.

Yes, then you're effectively running your own OSS project as well. If you want to be in that business, new rules apply. But just working privately on a forked repo? Legit will be fine.

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