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I have to agree here. The functionality it replaces really is not complicated. All you do by abstracting it is ensure that when things go wrong the user has absolutely no idea how to fix it. People should just take the minimal time required to learn git.

This project is not intended for beginners. It is intended to save typing for a particular git workflow.

Some friendly, candid feedback: If Legit is not intended for beginners, why not say so on the project page?

"Git Workflow for Humans" "optimized for workflow simplicity" "branch workflows are dead simple" "Nice and simple – the way it should be"

As Legit is now described at www.git-legit.org, what would suggest to beginners that it's anything but the answer to their prayers?

Understanding the working directory, stage, and commit/repo distinctions are very useful, I've found. Once you got those the rest of git becomes a bit more understandable.

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