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Return to Zork, the first graphical non-text based Zork, is the most memorable computer game I've ever played. It was the first time I saw computer graphics so beautiful in such a haunting mysterious world. Sometimes I still have dreams about it, and occasionally during world travels I'll see something that reminds me, "oh I was at a place that looked just like this before... in Zork!"

RTZ was even better than Myst, its cultural successor.

I realized, a few months ago, that Rebecca Snoot from RTZ is Rayanne Graff from My So-Called Life. WHAT? Yes, it's true.

You are in front of a white house...

Pick up rock, throw it at vulture...

Remember to dig up the bonding plant -- if you cut it, you won't be able to get into the comedy club by the cliffs of desperation later on.

Want some rye? Course ya do!

It's now been 20 years since that game came out. Woah. Two decades. 1993. It's still vividly seared into my mind.


If you can find an ISO of it, it'll run in DOSBox, I believe. Beware, though, that you need the encyclopedia that comes with the box -- awesome primitive copy protection.

Great game, good times. Any other RTZ nostalgites here?

Oh man. The phrase "Want some rye? Course ya do!" is one of those phrases that is burned into my brain. It is now a fundamental part of my brain's structure. Anytime I hear something even remotely similar, my brain just automatically pulls it up, complete with memetic mutation. Did someone bake a pie? "Want some pie? Course ya do!"

I still have my original copy in my closet somewhere. I should set DOSBox up and see if I can make it go.

I dish out upvotes sparingly, and you just earned one my friend!

That was one of he first games I played on my super-computer (200Mhz) back in the day (along with King's Quest VI)!

The intro music was fantastic, and the live-action videos made the graphics even better.

I had my girlfriend (now wife) follow a guide and talk me through the entire game so she could experience it. The "want some rye?" line is stuck in her weekly-quotes, too!

We didn't have many games on our first computer, but Zork was one of them.

For some reason none of us could get past the swamp at the witch's house. I was 5 or 6 at the time so I don't blame myself, but when I figured out how to run it via DOSBox I was very very careful to poke everything with my walking stick (or whatever it was).

"Here's to us!"

Who's like us? Damnnnn few! And we're allll dead.

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