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A New Publishing Model in Computer Science (lecun.com)
48 points by gburt on Jan 18, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

This is something I have mulling for a long time, and a fight I think is worth starting. Lets go open access!

I am currently researching fully distributed file stores via Distributed Hash Tables. I have been looking for viable services to convert to a fully distributed system. This is now on the top of my list. Lets make this better! allow all the colleges to partially serve and have backups of all the content.

His description of the public reviewing system---and the idea of a review as a versioned public document that might itself contain new ideas---made me think of the state of affairs in the infancy of modern science, where the forerunner of the modern journal article was literally a letter to another scientist, which they would respond to with their own comments and ideas.

This seems like a very good idea (and no need for the either the model, or even the common platform, to be limited to CS; specialization by discipline or area of interest would be provided by the REs.)

I personally like Yann LeCun and like this idea. However, the root problem in CS research community is not a bad reviewing/publishing system. From my point of view, it is the evaluation system of the so called "professor" and researcher. The performance of the research is evaluated by the publications (the number or the citation). So here is the consequence: only a part of good "professor"/researcher really care about his research, all others care about the publication instead of research. My personal experience, you can see everywhere the "professor" push his graduate students to publish the paper. They are engaging in making the relationships to make his paper easily be published and make a lot of citations without any meaning. The publication is just a medium to describe the research analysis, results, etc, the true contribution is the research itself. Another point I want to say to learn and teach the knowledge is a very important responsibility of a professor. However, many professors only want to get publications from his students. So my conclusion, if the evaluation does not change, people still will abuse the new good review/publish system to get more publications, instead of doing valuable research.

Another very funny thing is that until now, CS research community always publish paper with improved results, good performance. It is definitely not true and the experience from failure should be also a good material to share.

There was a discussion along the same lines for GNU Encyclopedia. Shortly after, wikipedia got started. see https://www.gnu.org/encyclopedia/free-encyclopedia

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