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San Francisco Hacker News meetup – Thursday Jan 24
40 points by lowglow on Jan 18, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments
Hi Everyone,

I'm organizing an SFHN meetup this coming Thursday, January 24th. It will be at Founders Den at 665 3rd Street #150, San Francisco, CA 94107 from 6pm-8:30pm.

Drinks and snacks will be provided!

Please RSVP at http://sfhn2.eventbrite.com/



Group Contact Info:

website : http://sfhackernews.com facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/gosfhn meetup : http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Hacker-News-Meetup/


HUGE thanks to our sponsors:

Founders Den : http://foundersden.com/ Twilio : http://twilio.com/ Nuzzel : http://beta.nuzzel.com/passion ValleyAnon : http://valleyanon.com/


If you need to contact me:

phone : 415.583.5403 email : dan.p.gailey@gmail.com twitter : http://twitter.com/dpg facebook : http://facebook.com/ctwiz

Heads-up: the SF memorial for Aaron Swartz is the same night, 7p at the Internet Archive, 300 Funston Ave in the Richmond neighborhood. See:


My thoughts go out to Aaron's family and friends.

Hey dan, I will be a bit late for the meetup. I will be arriving at SF in 1st of feb. Can we still meet for a coffee or sth somewhere?

Yes. Sounds great. Just email me at dan.p.gailey@gmail.com or DM me on twitter @dpg

Will internet personality @sarahaustin be there?

Would you like me to invite her?

Great idea.

Hopefully we'll get to see you out!


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