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YC Reject Seeking Users for Beta
7 points by will_brown on Jan 18, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
I wanted to begin registering Beta users for my startup www.Ommageo.com.

I don't know HN is the best place to solicit users for a Beta since so many in the HN community must dedicate time to their own projects, but the offer is open. As always I am also welcoming all advice, so if you think there is a better place to find Beta users I am all ears.

Please email me if you are want to be a Beta.

I've no idea what this does - can you elaborate?

Kerno, I just checked out everydaydreamholiday.com and Ommageo.com would be a perfect addition to your "Local Guides" section. For example, the local guide could upload videos from local destination events that are geotagged and dated. So if I was going to a resort I could see videos of the types of events and parties I should expect, not to mention videos of the views.

www.ommageo.com is a combination of YouTube and Google Earth. Every video uploaded to Ommageo is geotagged in Google Earth, so in addition to finding videos through feeds of your friends and searches, users can browse Google Earth and find video content based on location (and time).

Kerno if you or anyone else is still confused:

1. visit the website, 2. click the "Trending" button, and 3. watch a video for yourself.

Note Ommageo uses the Google Earth plug-in which is supported by Mac and Windows operating systems.

You haven't explained why I should care about the location of video content? What value are you aiming to provide?

Not only is location important to video content, so is time (both date the video was uploaded and the date the video was created). Why? because that information is invaluable for video discovery.

How does the average person discover content on Youtube? Surprise they don't discover it on Youtube, because it was likely shared or embedded on another website. 500 years worth of Youtube video is watched on Facebook everyday, that could be users going straight to Youtube and discovering great content for themselves (there is no shortage of great content), but the problem is that video discovery on Youtube is so bad people do not go there to browse content, rather they go when they are looking for a specific video. If you still disagree look how many cable shows there are that simply have hosts showing YouTube clips, those shows would not exist if it did not take an entire team to browse Youtube just to find a half hour of quality content.

If posting videos to Google Earth and finding videos in Google Earth does not sound fun or interesting to you, and you need to be sold on the "value" I am creating, maybe this is not for you. The user experience is the inherent value, your question is like asking why you should care about Google Earth itself, it is simply a 3d representation of the Earth using satellite imagery for the purpose of location based content what value are they aiming to provide? Now if we can agree that location based content is valuable, then I appear to be the first to tackle location based video content, and I welcome anyone that wants to register for the Beta and I promise not to sell them on anything and let them make up their mind for themselves.

> and you need to be sold on the "value" I am creating, maybe this is not for you

That's a rather closed-minded approach. Since you are trying to sell this to us, why not try and make this idea appeal to us? To say that someone needn't bother if the abstract idea you've presented doesn't seem to work for them... that's pretty weak and (forgive me if I'm misinterpreting) even comes off as arrogant. If you have a specific user base in mind, fine, but then say so. Those who have posted so far haven't a clue the benefit they are getting out of it. You might have a great product, but it never will be great if people don't know about it/use it because it affects your bottom line. Instead of brushing off this person's valid point, why not try and convince us about how "fun and interesting" your product is? What about more specific use cases? Not just "here's my product. Try it."

Overall, the reason the value is requested here is that we need to understand beyond what your new product actually does. Why is it making our lives better? Why should we want/need to go to it? Is the intent to solve some fundamental need or frustration? If so, how does it do that?

The difference between your product and pure Google Earth is that Google Earth was made by a large company that is exploring many different avenues, with an already established financial base. Were you looking to monetize this particular product in some way?

Welcome to HN seadog33.

"Ommageo is a combination of Google Earth and YouTube" -I did not intend to be arrogant I just do not believe there is a better way to describe my start-up than this simple sentence. It is self-explanatory and should not leave readers wondering what Ommageo is or thinking this is some "abstract idea" (especially when I posted the link and anyone can go there now and find videos in Google Earth and watch them, use the search functions, and visit watch the "trending video page" - all without registering).

>Instead of brushing off this person's valid point, why not try and convince us about how "fun and interesting" your product is? What about more specific use cases? Not just "here's my product. Try it."

I am not here to promote my website, sell anything, explain my strategy to monetize the product, or convince anyone. I simply asked people who are interested in being part of my beta to email me or offer advice on finding additional beta testers. So its not like I am brushing anyone off, its just that some people are interested in testing Ommageo because I described it as combining Google Earth and Youtube, two products that people know and use, while others find Ommageo abstract and think it will be made more clear by answering business related questions. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with saying that the Ommageo Beta might not be right for that second group.

>Those who have posted so far haven't a clue the benefit they are getting out of it.

I cannot disagree with you on this point, but the qualifier is "Those who have posted", because I have received emails from the people interested in the Ommageo Beta, another HN member was even kind enough to share one of his projects which is similar to mine but instead of video it was photo oriented. So trust me people see the inherent benefit of combining Google Earth and YouTube and more generally the benefit of location based media sharing and discovery.

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