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"I respect the fact that most transgender people are better served by keeping that information private than by wearing it on their sleeve"

Uh, what are you saying here exactly? If someone's FTM they're just not going to bother with your post since it doesn't apply to them. They don't consider themselves female, that's sort of the whole point. If they're MTF, they're not exactly going to submit some sort of disclaimer to you saying that they aren't "really" a woman or something.

I don't know how I can make myself more clear that the intent of the footnote was to avoid having the post derailed by conversations of this sort. I considered asking "who here is not male?" and leaving it up to the people replying how they wanted to interpret that, but I felt that would be even more weird.

So, to restate: Who here is female? (no offense intended to anyone who feels they are even more in the minority than women).

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