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What is the state of Rethink db? Is it fit for production use?

In the website it stated as 1.3.2 (which imply production ready) but I think I saw some comments a month ago from you that it's not fit for production use yet.

What about secondary indexes?

Are the machines in the screencast are very weak? a simple query (get 2 rows of the dota table) running ~100ms is really slow- is it because you're using the web interface?

RethinkDB seems cool and I really want to try it in my next pet project :)

> Is it fit for production use?

Not yet. We'll bump the release to 2.0 when it's ready for production.

> What about secondary indexes?

They're coming -- see https://github.com/rethinkdb/rethinkdb/issues/88

> Are the machines in the screencast are very weak?

No, the 100ms roundtrip includes the HTTP request over our admittedly very unsophisticated WiFi network.

Hope this helps!

The fact that it's HTTP slows this down a bunch too. With a normal client you'd have the TCP connection already made.

Any reason you didn't go with the standard 1.0 is the first non-beta release?

Yes -- we had an internal versioning scheme that crossed 1.0 very early on. Having different internal and external versioning schemes went against our intuition of having an open development process, so we decided to bite the bullet and keep the version post 1.0. It isn't ideal, but it's done :)

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