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I just LOVE seeing things like this. From the perspective of another tinker of panoramic things, what you have done is really impressive.

I've probably seen (or answered) some of your questions on the Hugin google group....

Anyway, 2 years? I wish you had come out sooner, I or someone else out there would have been happy to help you speed things up a bit. I know the satisfaction of having done it all yourself though, of course!

And yes, I have been dreaming about doing the same thing for a few years.... so, my hat goes off to you for executing this really nicely.


Thanks! I was actually surprised at how hard it was to find people interested in helping me. I sure could have used it.

And I haven't been totally silent on it. I have been posting regular updates on my G+ page pretty much all along.

What happened to your website links? Could you email them? I've been busy and only remember you had some.


Sorry I deleted my links, I was one of the first comments and just wanted to compliment you without appearing like publicizing myself. I'm founder of 360cities.net, panomonkey.com and sphericam.com. I wish you had contacted me before, even if you wanted to fly solo on your project I would have been happy to at least point you in the right direction on some stuff. :) Please do contact me at 360cities on the g mail domain or skype jeffrey.s.martin, would love to hear more!


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